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  • 1-2-1 Personal Training

  • Couples/group training

  • online coaching

  • Weekly nutritional Planning

  • weight loss management

  • Crossfit coaching

  • powerlifting coaching

  • physique transformation

What works for one person doesn’t always work for another. I personalise each programme to suit my client and their individual needs. By doing this they can reach their health and fitness goals in the MOST EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT way possible.


I have a genuine interest in your health and fitness, irrespective or shape, size or age. There are two main ingredients to achieving your goals, consistency and time. These I can give to you in abundance.



level 3 Diploma in gym instructing and personal training

Level 1 British Powerlifting coach

Level 2 Crossfit trainer

Head coach @ Crossfitcoalville

Certificate in Advanced Resistance Training & Programming 

Certificate in Sports nutrition

Fully qualified first aid



Health, fitness and overall wellbeing is something that everyone should be given the opportunity to achieve, regardless of their current size, shape, fitness or experience. It doesn’t matter where we've been. When we look to the future, we can put the past behind us. Changing or improving our lifestyle is not easy. It takes patience, dedication and hard work. So, what’s the best way to improve? With some friendly, effective help from someone who is experienced. That’s where I come in.


My name is Jake. I’m a qualified personal trainer, NUTRITIONAL ADVISOR, BRITISH POWERLIFTING COACH, head crossfit coach AND online health and fitness coach. More importantly, I know what it takes to change your life. Forget about the preconceptions you have about health and fitness. There’s no judgement here, just a genuine interest in your health and the many ways in which we can change or improve it together. Perhaps you are looking to get back to training or maybe improve on the foundations of hard work you have already put it in. No matter where you are now, together we can improve. Even if you have never picked up a dumbbell, It doesn't matter.


What really counts is how we can change your life for the better, to help you achieve your own unique and personal objectives. The benefit of having a trustworthy and dedicated PT is to give you the support you need to make a change or progress your current level of fitness even further. 


I take a realistic and open approach with my clients that is built on trust and honesty. My friendly and informative attitude will keep you motivated, encouraged and engaged throughout the whole process. It’s not just a healthy diet and regular exercise that helps us get to where we want to be. To achieve something great, it takes time. This, over all else, is what I offer.

Jake Garner