Your training plan will be completely tailored to suit you as an individual. This means that I take your experience, any physical limitations and your current capabilities into account. We will build a solid foundation from which we can improve in all aspects of your health and fitness. No two programmes are the same, just like no two people are the same.


What might work for one person is almost certainly not going to work for another. This applies to both fitness and nutrition. It’s through the time spent speaking with each other and moving forwards each week with your programme that we can identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them in a way that is going to uniquely benefit you.


To achieve great things, it’s best to take small steps. Taking on too much information at once can be overbearing, demotivating and can just straight up put us off getting into a solid weekly routine of exercise. It’s due to this that I like to break your programme up into monthly blocks. One month of Online Coaching will essentially give you a full block.


The workouts you do during your month’s plan will be completely outlined by myself, exercise for exercise. This includes how many times you should be training a week, the specific exercises you need to be doing and how to carry them out and your rest periods. Your nutritional guidance will be in accordance with the level of activity you undertake day to day.


I also consider the facilities available to you, whether you own a pair of dumbbells, have a full gym membership or don’t possess any equipment at all. I can still give you professional help.

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Week 1 – Identify strength and weaknesses. In your first week, we will be focusing on your strengths and weaknesses to see where you need to develop most in order to achieve your goals. This is an effective way of building a solid foundation from which to work. Moving forwards, during the first week of every month, we will revisit these weaknesses so you can see how you have improved on them.


Week 2 & 3 – Give the whole body some attention. How we do this depends on how much time you can give to this programme over the course of a week. Again, it’s different for everybody. It’s important to exercise all the muscles of the body alongside our cardiovascular system for optimal health. A full body workout that engages all of the muscles is ideal to make sure we keep the body in balance. Emphasis will be given to the parts of the body that need it the most to best help you keep your entire body in check. The programme really will be personalised to your individual needs, whether this be stiff ankles, clicking knees or general lack of experience. Don’t worry about how you are now, we can always improve our bodies and health no matter what state it’s currently in.


Week 4 – Assess. During the fourth week of your monthly block, we will take a step back and assess how you have performed. This is a real motivator. You will visibly see your progress and we can start to discuss what we will be doing in the following month. You will still be carrying out your prescribed workouts and nutritional programme.


This formula works perfectly moving from month to month to best help you reach your long-term goals. Over time we can make small alterations along the way. The beauty of your programme is that it’s both flexible and changeable. It would be unwise to set a whole month’s worth of programming in one go. The body can experience changes from week to week and we must alter the way in which we help it improve accordingly.


Each weekly programme will be designed to challenge you in a way that makes sure you are heading in the right direction. After each video session we spend together, you will receive a copy of the next week and some additional tasks to complete before our next appointment.



Often when we think about improving our health, we automatically think about fitness, long runs and hours of weightlifting. Perhaps the most important aspect of changing our lifestyle is altering our nutritional intake and eating habits. When committing to a regular plan of exercise, it’s important that we are eating the right things alongside it.


It can be easy to forget that our diet (the food we eat on a daily basis, not one of the many fad weight loss regimes out there) plays a hugely important role in achieving our goals. The information you give me in the questionnaire will allow me to have a look at your nutritional habits and help you alter it accordingly. Like most things in this game, what I recommend will be specific to you and your needs. Stop reading magazine articles and diet books as they’re not person specific and are rarely built on strong research from the field of nutrition. I take a simple and scientific approach to your nutrition. I won’t ask you to be monk-like and I won’t get you emptying the contents of your fridge into the bin.


Much like the way in which we exercise, different nutritional approaches don’t affect everyone in the same way. Before a month starts, you will receive in depth nutritional advice that will cover everything you should be doing with food. We can discuss your nutritional progress during our weekly video calls. Otherwise, feel free to ask for any advice in the week. 


During the first week of your programme, I will ask you to keep a food diary. This will allow us to look at the food you are eating on a daily basis so we can best see how to improve it in order to achieve your goals with maximum efficiency. It can be harder to change our nutritional habits more than anything else.